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Chapter 9
A Host Family

International students come to study at UT for several months. They live in student hotels or rent houses or apartments. There are no studies at UT at weekends. So students have parties or visit their friends. But it is difficult to live without a family. People who work at UT know that. So they have a program to give American families to their international students.

There are many old people in Austin who have free time. They don’t have much to do. Their children are usually grown up and live far from them. So they can work as a “host” (adopting) family for international students. Then these old Americans don’t feel lonely at weekends. They invite their new “son” or “daughter” for lunch or dinner. They can take their new “children” to interesting historical places. Students like this, too. So everyone is happy.

I also have a host family. These are two pensioners. Their names are Jack and Sandra. They live in Austin because they don’t like winter. And it is always warm or hot in Austin. Their children live in other cities. These children have their own families. Jack and Sandra are old but they drive cars. They have a house and a small garden. Sandra likes growing flowers. Jack enjoys reading books and watching TV.

They call me up on Fridays and we meet on Saturdays or Sundays. They take me to Chinese or Italian restaurants. We eat some exotic food and chat about America and Russia. They invite me to their house when their friends come there. It is interesting to learn about other Americans’ life.

Texas is a cowboy state. So my host parents want to make a cowboy out of me, too. They take me to a ranch. There are a lot of horses there. An instructor teaches me to ride a horse. Jack and Sandra also take me to a rodeo. So I watch an interesting show at a big arena.

After such weekends I don’t feel lonely anymore. A host family is a wonderful idea!


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