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Chapter 5
University Campus

American universities are big. They are similar to the Moscow State University. They have several buildings on a large territory.

In America, I study at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin. UT has many buildings. Some of them are libraries. Others are department buildings. There are about 20 departments (called “colleges” and “schools”) at UT. There is also a sports complex with a swimming pool. There are tennis courts, baseball fields, and football fields, too. All these buildings and facilities are called the university campus.

If you are a student you can use sports facilities and libraries free of charge. You can play tennis, swim in the swimming pool, play squash, volleyball or basketball, or visit the gym. You can go to the library and read books, newspapers, or magazines. They are in many different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, etc. Of course, you must pay if you want to make photocopies or print out something. In libraries, you can also listen to music or watch films. When I am lonely I watch Russian films. For example, one day I watch Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears. I feel better after it!

UT has its own bank – University Federal Credit Union. All students have bank accounts there. I also have an account. So I don’t need to take cash with me. I can pay with cheques.

It is always warm or hot in Texas. So there are small fountains with drinking water everywhere. This water is fresh and cool. You don’t need to boil it.

My hotel is near campus. I always go there to have lunch or dinner. I don’t need to pay for food in my hotel. But other students like to eat on campus. There are many cafés and canteens with different food and drinks.

Campus is very large. That is why there are maps of it everywhere. You can see where you are and how to get to the place that you need.


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