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Chapter 3

In American universities, students have textbooks, too. But they don’t usually get them in libraries. Libraries often have only 2 or 3 copies of each book. And you can’t use a library book for more than several weeks. If you need it for longer time you must go to the library again. So students usually don’t take books in libraries. They buy all their books and textbooks.

There are a lot of bookshops where you can buy new books. There are also many bookshops where you can buy second-hand books. Textbooks are not cheap. Teachers don’t usually use the same textbooks for more than 4 or 5 years. Some teachers write and publish their own books. They ask theirstudents to buy these books. A new book usually costs about 50 dollars.

I choose three subjects to study at the university. These are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and History of American Politics. I learn what books I need to buy. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on my textbooks. So I go to a bookshop, which sells second-hand books. I am surprised there because second-hand books are expensive. They cost only 10 dollars less than new books! And, of course, other students want cheaper books, too. So when I come to the bookshop, I can’t find the second-hand books that I need. So I buy 2 new books for 100 dollars. And I am lucky to take one book in the library! So my third book is free of charge!

After the exams, students usually sell their books. But they get very little money. If they buy a book for 50 dollars they can usually sell it for only 8 or 9 dollars to the shop! Then, the shop can sell this second-hand book for 40 dollars. You see that the book business is very good in America!

Before I go to Moscow in May, I don’t sell my textbooks to the shop. I know that one of my American friends at the university is going to have the same subjects next year. So I give the books to him as a present. I lose 16 or 18 dollars but he saves 80 or 100 dollars! He thinks that I am crazy because American students never do this. But he is happy! I am happy, too, because I help my American friend.


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