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Chapter 2
Ice in Texas

It is never cold in Texas. If you walk in Austin in January you see a lot of green grass. All the trees have leaves. But these leaves have different colours: green, yellow, brown, or red. The bushes have leaves, too. You can even see some flowers. You can think that it is autumn.

It is Sunday morning now. It is raining. So I am staying at my student hotel and relaxing. After breakfast, I listen to music. Then I watch TV. At 12 o’clock, I read a fantasy book. After lunch, I learn to play pool. The Americans always win.

Classes at the university are going to begin on Monday. But students are not serious. They are very happy. They are still relaxing. They are walking happily in the streets and having beer parties. They say that the university is closed for 2 days! I am surprised and I don’t believe my ears. In the evening, I decide to go for a walk.

When I am in the street, I understand everything. There is no water in the streets after the morning rain. There is ice everywhere because the temperature is minus 2! This is not usual for Texas. People there don’t see snow or ice every winter. It is always warm in winter and hot in summer. It is never cold in spring or autumn.

All people drive cars. They go to their work or to the university by cars. Only some international students don’t have cars. But there is a problem: nobody knows how to drive a car on icy roads!

There are some hills in Texas. The roads go up and down sometimes. Now all the roads are in ice. So drivers can’t stop their cars. There are a lot of car accidents on the roads. Late in the evening, I listen to the radio. All radio channels say that this weather is not going to change during the next 2 days. They also say that the university is closed. So I am free for two more days!


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