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Chapter 15
Rings and Cheques

One day, I open my mailbox and see a package with my name on it. It is from the university bank (University Federal Credit Union). I take the package out and open it. I see many nice personal chequebooks with my name on them. “Now I can pay with real cheques,” I think. I am happy.

I am going to close the mailbox when I see something else. It is an advertisement. I want to throw it away but read the text first. The ad says that I can buy gold things at a 50% discount. My girlfriend is in Moscow. I want to make a present to her. So I take the ad to my room.

This ad is from a jewellery shop. The shop is in a big mall (a large building outside the city with many shops in it). I decide to go there by bus. In 40 minutes, I am in the mall. I find the jewellery shop quickly.

I give the ad to the shop assistant and ask, “Do you have gold rings?” The girl shows me a lot of beautiful rings. They are not usual. They have special patterns on them. “We have 10-carat and 14-carat gold rings.” So I learn that 14-carat gold equals to 585-fineness gold in Russia. But 10-carat gold rings are also nice. They look better than any gold rings in Russia. I am only a student so I decide not to buy 14-carat gold rings. They are too expensive. I choose 10-carat rings.

“Can I pay with a cheque?” I ask the shop assistant. “Sure,” she says. (It means, “Yes, of course.”) I take out a cheque and write the date, the name of the shop, and the amount (the price of the rings). I give this cheque to the girl. “Can I have your ID, please?” the girl asks. “Sure,” I say and give her my student ID. But the girl says that a student ID is not enough. I show her my passport. “Sorry,” she says. “We only take cheques if a person shows us a Texas ID or a Texas driving license. You can get it at a police station.” And she gives me the address.

I am disappointed. But I decide to get this Texas ID and pay like real Americans. I ask the girl to keep the rings for me. I am going to visit a police station…


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