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Chapter 13
At the Hairdresser’s

After two months in America, I understand that my hair is too long. I need a haircut badly. But it is hard for me even in Moscow to tell a hairdresser how to cut my hair. Here in Texas, it can be much more difficult. Still I have no choice.

There is a hairdresser’s not far from my student hotel. I go there. I sit down on a chair in front of a mirror. A girl asks me what haircut I want. I tell her to cut my hair short but not too short. When I try to tell her the details 65 she doesn’t understand me. Maybe I don’t say the right words. Maybe she doesn’t speak English well. She is a Hispanic (a Latin American). There are a lot of Hispanics in Texas because Mexico is near. Many Mexicans come to Texas every year.

After our discussion, the girl takes the scissors. After some time, she takes a clipper (a machine to cut hair short). Ten minutes later, I look at myself in the mirror. My haircut is not perfect but I can’t explain to the girl what is wrong. Finally, I pay her 7 dollars and go away.

I take a shower at the hotel and look at myself in the mirror again. I understand that my haircut is bad. I am disappointed. But what can I do? I think and think. Then I have an idea. I take my passport and look at the photo in it. Yes! My haircut is much better on the photo!

So I go to another hairdresser’s with my passport. I show the picture to a girl and ask her to make the same haircut. She looks at the photo attentively and begins to work. My hair becomes shorter and shorter. I am afraid. I don’t want to have too little hair. But I don’t say a word.

At last, the girl finishes her work. I can see an accurate head in the mirror. Wow! I like my haircut!! The girl 66 knows her business well!!! I give her 10 dollars and go home happily. I understand that it is good to know languages, but sometimes a picture can be much better!

The Americans often say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


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