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Chapter 10
Horse Riding

It is Saturday morning. Today, my host family and I are going to a ranch. It is a big farm. There are a lot of horses there. People, who keep the farm, breed and sell these horses. They also invite others to ride their horses. This is a good business, too. There is a café at the ranch. After riding you can have a lunch there.

We go to the ranch by car. When we come to the ranch it is 10:30 a.m. We see some other people who want to ride horses, too. We are waiting for an instructor. Soon the instructor comes. She has two horses with her. Her assistants have four more horses with them.

The instructor shows us how to get on a horse. Then she shows us how to get down. She tells us how to stop the horse and to turn right and left. I get on the horse first. My horse is very calm. It is eating grass. This is boring so I say to the horse, “Go!” But it doesn’t move. “Strange,” I think. “Don’t American horses know English?” Then I say, “Come on! Please go forward!” There is no reaction.

When I am experimenting with my horse the other people are getting on their horses. The instructor says, “Now, let’s ride. Kick your horses with your boots!” Well, I understand now that an action is better than words for a horse. Our horses begin to walk slowly. They go in a line.

Now I want to turn right a little. I pull the reigns to the right. But my horse shakes its head. It only wants to go after the horse, which is in front of it. I try again, harder. Now the horse moves one step to the right but then comes back to its place in the line. I understand that horses are clever. They only listen to good cowboys. And I am only a beginner. “OK. I need more practice,” I say to myself.

We ride for an hour. Our horses follow the instructor’s horse. When it walks they walk, too. When it runs they run, too. When it stops they stop, too. Finally, we get down from the horses. We are tired and hungry. But I feel happy. It is so interesting and exciting to ride a horse! There is one problem: it is very difficult to walk now!


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