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Chapter 1
Flight to the USA

Hello! My name is Dmitry. This book is a collection of short stories about my visit to America.

This story begins in 1997 when I am only 21. I am a student of the Moscow State Linguistic University. I study English and I want to be a translator. My university sends me to an American university for practice. I get my visa and buy airplane tickets. The university is in Texas. But Aeroflot does not fly there. So I buy Delta Air Lines’ tickets.

One January morning, I take my luggage and go to the airport. My girlfriend and my parents go there with me. They say goodbye to me, wish good luck, and go home. Soon I am in the airplane. It does not fly to Texas. But this is not a problem. I know that I must go to New York City and change airplanes.

The flight is long but not difficult. We get to New York City on time. There, I take my luggage and register for my new flight. The second plane flies to Dallas, which is in Texas. But the university is not there. It is in Austin, the capital of Texas. In the air, the flight attendant gives us some drinks. I feel thirsty so I ask for a tomato juice. When I get it I am very much surprised. There is ice in the juice. It is bad because I have a little cold. But the Americans always put ice in drinks on their local flights. If you don’t want ice you must tell them about it.

Finally, we are in Dallas. I want to get my luggage and change planes again. I wait and wait. But I don’t see my bags. I don’t know what to do. All the people around me get their luggage and go away. I am alone now. I have only 10 minutes left before my next flight. I run to the registration desk in panic.

There, I learn that my plane for Austin is ready to fly without me. The girl at the registration desk tells me that my luggage is in the plane. They always transfer the luggage themselves on local flights. This is good news. My luggage is not lost! I run to my third plane and soon we are in the air. It is hot in the plane. All the people wear light clothes because Texas is in the south. The weather is warm there even in winter. But I still have a winter coat in my hands. So the people in the airplane are surprised. When I tell them that I am from Moscow they are surprised even more.

Finally, we are in Austin. I get my luggage and feel absolutely happy. A man from the university meets me. He takes me to the student hotel by car. When I get to my room I am very tired. Soon I fall asleep.


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