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Difficulties when listening to English?
Problems with pronunciation?
Studying English at college from scratch?
Searching for a simple book to read in addition to your textbook?

When one begins to study a foreign language at college or after graduation, there is always a question of what is to be read in addtion to one’s textbook. However, books for children seem not be serious. Books for adults are generally too difficult. Whereas, the adapted versions of famous books are not very interesting...

Thus, an idea appeared to write a book (or even a series of books) for students in simple English. When teaching English to adults I often told them about my going to the University of Texas on an exchange programme when I was a student. These tales described things that are unusual for our Russian reality and our lifestyle: rodeo, cheques as a means of payment, a hotel governed by students themselves, etc. So these are the tales that are included into the book THE 1st DIVE. A Russian Student in Texas as short stories.

The simplicity of the book primarily consists in using short sentenses, simple grammar constructions, and only two tenses (Present Simple и Present Continuous). In addition to that the book has been recorded by the author chapter by chapter in a training pace with a neutral English pronunciation understandable both for native speakers and those who are not. These audio files are good for practising the pronunciation and developing skills for listening to English.

The website also features grammar notes, which describe in a simple way the fundamental principles of building and using tenses.

For the reader to have no blank spots in the book the author has provided a translation, which is a word for word translation than an artistic translation. This translation helps to understand better the words and grammar constructions in the orignal English book.
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